#1 The #GetQuared movement!

#GetQuared is a movement for those that want to bring meaning, belonging, growth to work. For those that see no trade-off in making companies more humane & productive.

Thanks for being part of the #GetQuared community.

How to transform employees into #owners?

In our last Quared Live Session, we shared our wildest dream: a world where every employee acts like an owner and, as such, helps their company achieve its purpose. A world where companies and employees not only exchange time for money, but also share a set of values and purpose and build a partnership based on mutual value. A world of communities (common + unity), not of businesses (busy + ness). A world where we all make a life, not a living.


To achieve such dream, we believe companies need to abandon its old management model, and embrace a new one. One that is adapted to the Information Age. One based in outputs, creativity, freedom, empowerment and the reciprocity principle – You get what you give; if you want your employees to care about your company, care about them.


The new model is based on 3 key steps that we’ve summarized in the #GetQuared framework (and yes! We will cover each block in detail in the following sessions!)

Quared · Transforming employees into owners

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STEP 1: #OwnerDiscovery. Figure out who you are and what you need

  • Purpose: Ask yourself how you add value to society. Focus on the need that won’t change
  • Values: Understand what values & behaviours determine your success. Want to build movies? You need creativity
  • Core capabilities: As Aristotle said, you can’t be the best at everything, but you can be the best at anything. This is how Decathlon approached it

STEP 2: #OwnerHiring. Attract the right candidates. Hire the right partners

  • Employer branding: People want a good salary, yes. But they want much more. Build your brand by leveraging your Employee Value Proposition
  • Inbound recruitingCommunicate your Employer Brand. Build the sexiest career page and job offers, in short: apply Marketing to Recruiting!
  • Predictive & relational hiring: Build partnerships based on mutual value. Predict future job performance with a combination of structure & data

STEP 3: #OwnerManagement. Enable performance & ownership

  • Emergent leadership: As simple as “Stop championing yourself. Champion your team”. Guide your leaders towards outputs and facilitation
  • Talent-centric learningLearn from people, not classrooms. Build a learning ecosystem through mentoring, feedback & Peer-to-peer learning
  • Impact communication: Communicate impact, in a personalized way. Give voice to your staff and make them count. Leverage platforms.
  • Power governance: Build small, self-sufficient, agile and customer-obsessed Squads that can act in a nimble and empowered way. Ask Spotify!

We discussed all of the above in our last Quared Live Session!

Want to dig deeper?

The Alliance by Reidd Hofman

The old employer-employee lifelong contract is gone. 2-4 year missions are the “new normal”. check it out here.

Tribes by Seth Godin

At Quared we believe in communities (not businesses). And there is no better guide than this book. Watch the Ted Talk!

No rules, rules by Reed Hastings

If you have owners, you don’t need inefficient, humanless rules. Check the famous culture book here.

“Make a life, not a living”
Alex, Miquel & Toni

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