#3 | How to 🌴remotely🌴 hire people who will succeed and stay for a long time

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Partners, not employees

Our dream at Quared is to make every employee feel like an owner. And we have a step-by-step framework for it.

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One of the critical paradigm shifts is investing on value-based partnerships where the individuals and the organization are equals, preventing one from sabotaging the balance in the relationship. Bring the best along, and then partner with them. This is the only way to keep rockstars around for a while these days.


1| Predictive hiring: “predict job success”

If Quared was a train the first stop would be self-awareness: Who are you as a company? What values guide you? What purpose are you going after? Then the next stop would be to attract people who are excited by what you are trying to achieve and can have success given who you are.


Right after self-awareness and attraction, you shall focus on unearthing who will have success given your context. And it’s not a game about guessing, it’s about predicting with certainty.

  • So WHY do I need care so much about predicting again? Tony Hsieh, founder of Zappos and author of Delivering happiness has a compelling MILLION DOLLAR REASON for you…


  • Ok fine, but HOW do I predict the future job success of a candidate?
    • You will want to use the right tools
    • You will want to add structure into the mix
    • You will want to measure the right data


Assignments are king, interviews are terrible ways to hire people.

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An assignment or job simulation is a realistic, fun and demanding piece of work for the candidate to complete. You want to add exercises that mimic the reality of the future role in terms of goals to achieve and challenges to overcome.


Hire goals and challenges, not jobs or titles. “You don’t need someone who has been a CFO for 10 years, what you need is someone who has helped a company with $5k in the bank survive”. These are the type of capabilities that you can check with an assignment.


Ok… let’s be fair, not all interviews are evil


As you can see in the chart above, structured interviews are almost 3 times more predictive of future job success compared to unstructured ones.


By structure we mean, setting up fixed sets of questions that all interviewers follow and rubrics that help all interviewers be more objective when it comes to evaluating the answers. This allows for proper comparison between candidates (the alternative sets the stage for all sorts of bias)


This is an interview card, a real example of how Linkedin gives structure to their interviews:

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Lastly, here you have a list of 40 amazing behavioral questions that folks working for really cool companies use.


Measure, but measure what matters! There’s lots of data, but not all of it is linked to future performance.

  • Terrible indicators: First impressions, gut feelings…
  • Weak predictors: Hard skills, experience…
  • Strong predictors: Achiever track, ability to learn…
  • Essential predictors: Cultural fit, soft skills…


Like most things, it’s better when you hear them from Elon:

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Finally, set the bar very high! Jeff Bezos encourages all hiring managers to ask themselves these 3 questions before having someone join Amazon:

  • Will you admire this person?
  • Will this person raise the average level of effectiveness of the group?
  • Along what dimension might this person be a super star?

2|Relational hiring: create long-term partnerships

Setting the bar very high during sourcing is beneficial in itself because great decisions come from choosing between great alternatives. However, it also has a secret benefit: you can develop more personal relationships with candidates if you are dealing with fewer of them, planting the seed of a long-term partnership (and avoiding that transaction vibe that most hiring processes have).


We like to use a personalized, almost artisanal, approach derived from the Account Based Marketing methodology, where you are very selective at first and invest a lot more in each account compared to other massive marketing techniques. Fishing with spears:

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But what is a small pipeline? Our magic number is 12. Knowing that the industry interview to offer conversion rate is 17%, if you bring along 12 candidates at the start of your funnel, you will most likely be able to make 2 offers and bring 1 new hire onboard.


Your Recruiters or as we like to call them Talent Marketeers can follow this mantra throughout the hiring process:


“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel” – Maya Angelou


How do I apply this to my hiring process though?

  • Personalized videos by the hiring managers
  • Dedicated landing pages for a given role
  • Pairing the candidate with a “buddy” within the organization
  • Personalized slide decks where candidates see themselves with future teammates


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You are doing great so far, you predicted who has more chances to succeed in your context, you have invested in personalized relationships with those individuals. Do not break the trust now. There’s many ways to break the trust and one is by not caring about the other part and by assuming that the value for the company comes before the value for the individual, and as such the latter must accept a contract filled with terms and clauses that the former, unilaterally creates.


No worries, it is ok to have a contract with the legal terms, we don’t want anyone suing you. However, this contract needs to be paired with an agreement that the potential new employee and the company develop together. This document:

  • Takes into account the needs of the organization
  • Is outputs-based and focuses on the challenges and goals that the individual will help the company tackle/achieve
  • Takes into account the career needs of the individual
  • Explains how the company will invest in the growth of the individual


As Linkedin’s Founder Reid Hoffman explains in this formidable visual summary, the only way to keep people for a long time these days is to allow them to create a career with different roles within the organization structured in a series of Tours of Duty. Therefore, the initial agreement will have to be revisited periodically.

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What is magical about all of the above is that it can be done fully remotely as well. Here is a system that ties it all together. You can design your own, here come a few suggestions:

  • No more than 4 Structured Interviews on Zoom as Google research suggests that any additional interview only adds 1% additional predictive power
  • Job Assignment shared via email as the king to predict success (you want to give people around a week to solve at home)
  • Virtual Groupal Motivation Session where candidates get to talk to the future manager and teammates
  • Culture Interview on Zoom let by someone outside the hiring team
  • Calibrations and Reference Checks via email or phone at the end to correct bias
  • Mutual Agreement Process via email or phone to plant the seed of a long term alliance
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Finally you need to do 2 more things

  • Get the whole organization into a hiring mindset (this means that the hiring processes are facilitated by the HR team, led by the team who is hiring and supported by other teams through referrals, culture calls, calibrations, etc.)
  • If you do the above well, that collaboration mindset will allow you to stop your HR people from focusing on posting on job boards and interviewing all day long, to then start focusing on process, data and marketing as key skills to enable hiring success


To achieve the above and hire good candidates, fast and cheap… build an Internal Talent Agency just as Google folks explain in their book Work Rules! that is focused on replicating what Head Hunters and Search Firms do, but with more insight on what you need, better candidate experience and less money 🙂

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A company becomes the people it hires, not the plan it makes. Please act accordingly 🙂

We discussed all of the above in our last Quared Masterclass!

“Make a life, not a living”
Alex, Miquel & Toni

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