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Imagine a world where all employees feel & act like owners of their companies.



Quared Manifesto

Why Quared?

At Quared, we believe in a world in which all employees feel and act like owners of the companies where they collaborate, leading them to achieve amazing goals. We believe in interdependent purposes and values between organizations and their staff. We believe in making a life and not just a living. We believe in a world where we don’t speak about work-life balance because we understand that work is not a means, but an end in itself. Work is life, and it can be one of our greatest sources of meaning.


Work’s essence has changed as we, humans, have entered new ages. From hunting and gathering food in the wild, to cultivating fields thanks to agriculture, uniting in cities as the Industrial Revolution unfolded and now finally entering the Information Age and slowly becoming nomads again. We reckon it would be silly to apply the same work methods to each of those periods, yet we find ourselves still trapped in many of the input and efficiency based practices that brought us success in other times. Perhaps it is time to return to our origins a bit, perhaps less is more and creativity is again more important than efficiency in an ever changing environment similar to that faced by hunter-gatherers. What’s clear is that we need to change and adapt.


We think there’s a better way. Quared is a movement, a global community that seeks to create a better world of work, an ecosystem where companies and their people partner and thrive.


Whether you are a Founder, C-suite Exec, People & Culture Leader or you lead any team you have a big responsibility and your actions really matter. You have the power, and duty, to transform your employees into owners who are empowered to innovate and make an impact for themselves, your teams, your companies and, in turn, society.

Alex, Miquel & Toni

Quared methodology

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#OwnerDiscovery. Figure out who you are and what you need

  • Purpose: Ask yourself how you add value to society. Focus on the need that won’t change

  • Values: Understand what values & behaviours determine your success. Want to build movies? You need creativity

  • Core capabilities: As Aristotle said, you can’t be the best at everything, but you can be the best at anything. This is how Decathlon approached it

#OwnerHiring. Attract the right candidates, hire the right partners

  • Employer branding: People want a good salary, yes. But they want much more. Build your brand by leveraging your Employee Value Proposition

  • Inbound recruitingCommunicate your Employer Brand. Build the sexiest career page and job offers, in short: apply Marketing to Recruiting!

  • Predictive & relational hiring: Build partnerships based on mutual value. Predict future job performance with a combination of structure & data

#OwnerManagement. Enable performance & ownership

  • Emergent leadership: As simple as “Stop championing yourself. Champion your team”. Guide your leaders towards outputs and facilitation

  • Talent-centric learningLearn from people, not classrooms. Build a learning ecosystem through mentoring, feedback & Peer-to-peer learning

  • Impact communication: Communicate impact, in a personalized way. Give voice to your staff and make them count. Leverage platforms.

  • Power governance: Build small, self-sufficient, agile and customer-obsessed teams that can act in a nimble and empowered way. See how Spotify did it!


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Who are we?

Team member

Toni Gimeno

Employer Branding & Talent Attraction - Consultant & Trainer. Author of the Inbound Recruiting Methodology.
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Alex Dilme

Ex-McKinsey/ Worked in 4 continents/ Redefined & cascaded down a new purpose and values of a 4000+ multinational. Manages the strategy for a large FMCG organization
Team member

Miquel Artero

10 years of work experience, 7 in Digital Business, 5 in People Strategy, 3 in Remote Work. Global Head of Remote Culture & People Experience at the African Leadership Gorup